Elder Bill of Rights

Our Elder Bill of Rights & Responsibilities include:

  • The right… to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.assisted living vancouver bc
  • The responsibility… to treat fellow residents and employees with courtesy and consideration.
  • The right… to live in a home-like environment that is clean and safe.
  • The responsibility… to report anything that requires attention/safety hazards etc., to observe “no smoking” regulations, and to participate in fire and disaster drills as the facility requires.
  • The right… to care that addresses needs as a whole person – physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social.
  • The responsibility… to communicate changes in one’s level of wellness and needs, and to consider that some elders may require more assistance more urgently than other elders.
  • The right… to care philosophy that is built on the principles of: a) individual needs and rights b) elder autonomy and choices c) elder privacy d) freedom of expression and association.
  • The right/ responsibility… to participate in decisions that involved one’s care, including the choice to refuse care, and the responsibility to sign such waivers as required by the facility to support these choices.
  • The right… to have palliative care with dignity, including the recognition of one’s cultural, religious and spiritual practices.
  • The responsibility… to communicate one’s individual desires and needs and to respect the cultural, religious and spiritual practices of other elders.
  • The right… to have family and friends present at any time.