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Haro Park Centre

A Campus of Care Community in the West End of Vancouver, BC

Offering independent housing, assisted living and residential care to seniors.
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Independent Living
36 independent apartments, for qualified individuals.
Assisted Living
Enhancing your quality of life. 28 assisted living apartments, with meals and various home supports.
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Residential Care

Care needs supervised by registered nurses and provided by care aides. Meaningful activities. Meals, snacks and laundry are provided.

Welcome to Haro Park Centre

*** December 03
Resident Families Meeting Wed, Dec 9, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (PST)
Please check your emails.

***November 16
As of last night we were officially declared COVID free. But as you all know, on the outside numbers are climbing fast again. This pandemic is far from over.
We had a great turn out for the virtual family meeting today, thank you to all those participated.

Changes starting inside -
~ Re-engaging Recreation Programming on Main Floor.
~ Jasna, the hairdresser returned today. Lot's of hair do's and hair cuts - to be continued.
~ Restarting the Designated Visits with stricter rules, please watch for updates on this.
It will take several days for us to transition back to our new normal. We know everyone is anxious to see their loved ones.
Please be careful out there, kindness goes a long way.

***November 15
Our last COVID case has recovered. We are currently free of the virus. We have not yet been officially declared clear from outbreak by the Medical Health Officer, but expect it will be this coming week.
Don't forget the 'virtual family meeting' where you can get all the recent updates.
Mon, Nov 16, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (PST)

***November 13
No changes today.
Pay attention to your inboxes for the next virtual family meeting.
Resident Families Outbreak Meeting
Mon, Nov 16, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (PST)

***November 12
No changes today.

***November 10
No changes today :-)

***November 09
No changes today.

***November 08
No changes.

***November 06
No changes at Haro Park today.
If you are family and want to join the conference GoToMeeting for outbreak updates check your email for the links and times.
Enjoy your weekend

***November 05
There have been no changes inside Haro Park. We still have the one active case isolated on Amber Lane (1st floor).
Everything else is good and looking brighter everyday.
Thanks for all your support along the way.

***November 02
We are all very sad to say that we have another positive case of COVID on Amber Lane (1st floor) again. It kind of deflated our balloon of hope from October 28th when we became clear again. The entire 1st floor is being swabbed again.
Sorry that this is the news today.

***October 29
One month today we were declared in outbreak. Thank you to the VCH Team, The CLEAR team and all those who helped us get through this.
Still waiting to be officially cleared, until then we will continue to be very safe and follow inside protocol.

***October 28
We are very pleased to announce that our last case has recovered. We have no active case inside Haro Park. We will announce the clearance date by the Medical Health Officer when we know it.
Until then nothing else changes inside Haro Park

***October 27
We had one more recovery today and cleared by the Medical Health Officer. Leaving us 1 active case inside Haro Park.

***October 26
Today one of our internal resident were cleared (recovered) by the Medical Health Officer and also the 2nd hospital return has been cleared. Leaving us 2 cases remaining inside Haro Park.

***October 25
We held our most recent family virtual meeting / conference call on Saturday, October 24. Thank you for the amazing support from all of our families!
Today we can share bad and good news.
Our resident who remained in hospital has passed away - our deepest condolences to the family.
1 residents of the 3 that returned from hospital has been cleared and one internally. Leaving us 3 cases to be cleared.
The 2nd and 4th floor have been declared clear by the medical Health Officer for droplet precautions.
We are still in outbreak, so nothing changes as far as visitations. We are still not out of danger until fully cleared, but we are moving in the right direction.

***October 21
No changes today

***October 20
No changes from yesterday.

***October 19
Since the new case on Thursday (when website was down) we have had one recovery, leaving 2 positive still in Haro Park and 1 in hospital.
The 3 that returned from hospital have still not been cleared by the Medical health Officer. We look forward to their clearance.
Also, if you are a family member, there will be another family invite going out this week regarding a conference call.

***October 18
As you may have noticed, the website was down for a few days. We were hacked (bad timing) . . . but with the hard work of the Adaptive Team and Web Developer, they got everything back up.
Unfortunately, we had 1 more case, which brings the numbers back up to 3 in Haro Park and 1 still in the hospital.
Thank you for your continued support and patience.

***October 14
2 positive residents still on Amber Lane.
3 residents have returned from the hospital, 2 last evening and 1 today. (these have not yet been officially cleared)

***October 13
We are pleased to announce that 4 more residents have been cleared by the Medical Health Officer, leaving us 2 positive cases in house, 4 still in hospital.
Big thanks to the teams of VCH & CLEAR that helped to stabilize the virus and continue to help us until we are cleared.

***October 11
No changes since yesterday

***October 10
3 residents have now recovered and cleared by the Medical Health Officer, leaving 6 cases at Haro, being confined to Amber Lane.
4 remain in hospital, for a total of 10

***October 09
9 positive residents, being confined to Amber Lane, 4 in hospital.

***October 08
Apologies for the update delays.
10 positive residents, being confined to Amber Lane, 3 in hospital.

***October 03
10 positive residents, being confined to Amber Lane, 1 in hospital
6 staff infected.

***October 02
9 Covid infections inside (Amber Lane) 1 in hospital
Staff - 4 infected

*** October 01
9 Covid infections inside (Amber Lane) 1 in hospital
2 staff infected at this time

*** UPDATE September 30
As of September 29 - 2020, Haro Park has been declared in our 2nd COVID outbreak by Vancouver Coastal Health.
The outbreak is being contained on the 1st floor (Amber Lane).
VCH teams have been inside HPC for testing.
We currently have 10 cases . . . 1 in hospital and 9 residents inside.

***UPDATED July 22/2020
Under the updated guidelines, residents will be able to visit with ONE Designated Visitor. All visits will be booked in advance through the Haro Park Visitation Coordinator, to allow for them to be conducted safely. All visits will take place in specific “visiting areas” organized by Haro Park. Designated Visitors will need to wear a surgical mask and wear it for the duration of the visit. Visits will not be allowed if there is an active COVID-19 outbreak at the residence. Visits will not be allowed if the visitor or the resident being visited are sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms.

The shared approach to establishing and maintaining the balance of benefits and risks will be informed by the following core practices:

1. Social visits will only be allowed if there is no active COVID-19 outbreak at Haro Park and will cease immediately if an outbreak is declared, and Haro Park goes into active outbreak management. Visits may resume immediately when the outbreak is declared over with lessons learned applied to ongoing practice.

2. Social Visit will be a maximum of one (1) hour and one (1) per week.

3. Social visits will be scheduled in advance between the Designated Visitor and Haro Park Visitation Coordinator. Per Vancouver Coastal Health guidelines, only ONE (1) Designated Visitor per resident may visit at Haro Park. This person cannot change from day to day. Virtual visits with other family members will be accommodated as much as possible. Government issued identification with photo must be shown to reception prior to visit.

4. Haro Park’s safe designated locations for visits will be the following:
a) Haro Street Patio
b) Bute Street Board Room/Patio
c) Country Kitchen
d) Dining room when not in use for meals
e) Individual resident suite if mobility issues are a concern as predetermined by Haro Park staff.

Residents will meet their Designated Visitors in the designated location(s). The five key locations were chosen using the following criteria:
i. Outdoor location(s) dedicated to visiting (seasonally when the weather permits)
ii. Indoor designated location(s) (summer and especially fall/winter)
iii. Individual single-client room (focused on limited mobility of an individual resident)

5. If individuals are unable to attend in the settings outlined above, appropriate visitation will require careful consideration. This circumstance requires careful planning and facilitation with the care team, families and residents. The care team leadership will have final approval to ensure safety protocols can be achieved.

6. Designated Visitors will receive advance guidance on the process and guidelines for social visits. Haro Park will:
i. Identify details about the locations and processes for visiting on our website.
ii. Inform residents and families in writing by email and conference call with DOC & CEO.
iii. For outside designated visits, Haro Park will ensure adequate signage and mark suitable locations as required to help families and residents to have a safe and successful visit.

7. All Designated Visitors shall be screened for signs and symptoms of illness, including COVID- 19, prior to every visit. Designated Visitors with signs or symptoms of illness, as well as those in self-isolation or quarantine in accordance with public health directives, shall not be permitted to visit.

8. Designated Visitors shall endeavor to not use washroom facilities at Haro Park. If it is unavoidable, the only washroom to be used is the main washroom between the Main Floor Dining Room and Sanctuary.

9. Designated Visitors shall be instructed when to perform hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and safe physical distancing. All Designated Visitors are required to wear a surgical mask from Haro Park Centre When visiting with a client on ‘Droplet & Contact Precautions’ all Designated Visitors shall be instructed on how to put on and remove any required PPE. If the Designated Visitor is unable to adhere to appropriate precautions, the visitor shall be excluded from visiting.

10. Adhering to these Visitation Guidelines is MANDATORY. They are implemented to protect the residents and staff from being infected by COVID -19 and/or other illness. If the Designated Visitor is unable to adhere to appropriate precautions as outlined by these guidelines and Haro Park staff, the visitor will be excluded from visiting until further notice. Should the Designated Visitor, or other non-authorized visitor, flagrantly place either residents or staff at risk, Haro Park Centre may include the Vancouver Police Department to resolve the issue and permanently ban the visitor from Haro Park Centre.

11. Haro Park must be able to safely provide oversight for these visits, including adequate staffing to provide the following for the Designated Visitor:
a. pre-screening, screening on arrival
b. providing information on infection control for the visit
c. monitoring the visit by the Visitation Coordiniator
d. monitored departure from the residence.

Visitors shall be directed ONLY to the resident they are visiting and exit the facility directly after their visit. Visits will be no longer than 1 hour.

12. The Designated Visitor is strongly discouraged from taking the residents for a walk away from Haro Park property.

13. The Designated Visitor may not bring pets during visits at Haro Park unless it is a certified service animal. Service animals may not come into physical contact with residents and staff.

To book an appointment email:




ASSISTED LIVING & INDEPENDENT LIVING (TOWER SIDE) - We are thankful that the virus has remained away from the tower and all residents remain safe. Please continue to distance yourselves as you have been doing.

CBC - Ray of Sunshine - Tulips

***JUNE 07
Going forward, updates here on the website will stop.
We will keep in touch with family & friends on our email list.
Thank you for all your love and support through the Covid crisis. In the voice of Dr. Henry . . . let's all continue to "be calm, be kind and be safe."

***JUNE 01
Well, here we are, shall we start counting the Covid free days now? We were happy to make the news (this time) on Saturday when they declared us Covid free.
3 days Covid free!

***MAY 29
After today we will have made it through our 28 days and tomorrow we will be officially declared COVID FREE.

***MAY 28
Day 27 Covid free. 1 full day to get through and if all goes well we will be officially cleared by the Medical Health Officer on Saturday, May 30.
What does that mean?
At this point and time nothing will change inside until we have the new guidelines and restrictions set in place. Please clap extra loud on Saturday evening for Haro Park.
We will post any updates as we get them.

***MAY 27
Day 26 Covid free.

***MAY 26
Day 25 Covid free.

***MAY 22
Day 21 Covid free.

***MAY 21
Day 20 Covid free.

***MAY 20
Day 19 Covid free. I hope you are enjoying the count down as much as we are, please keep following protocol and Phase 2 of openings throughout the city.
Just a reminder, all visitation to Haro is still suspended until we are declared clear by the Health Minister.

***MAY 19
Day 18 Covid free.

***MAY 15
Day 14 Covid free.
Please have a safe long weekend. Keep your bubble tight and your distance right.

***MAY 14
Day 13 Covid free

***MAY 13
Day 12 Covid free

***MAY 12
Day 11 Covid free

***MAY 11
Day 10 Covid free and counting

***MAY 08
We are on day 7 of no cases inside the facility.
Wishing all the Moms and those ladies who have a special role in someone's life a Happy Mother's Day.
Condolences to the families of the lovely ladies we lost in the last months.

***MAY 05
As of Friday, May 1st we have remained Covid free.

***MAY 04
All stats are the same as Friday.

***MAY 01
We are very happy to announce that all residents and staff have recovered from COVID19 - we are cleared of all cases at this time.
Until we are cleared by the Medical Health Officer, we will continue to be under lock down. We will notify families and post when we are cleared, until then the outbreak protocol is still in effect.

***APRIL 30
We are pleased to say we have taken the last positive case out of isolation today - leaving us no more positive residents in the building. 1 still remains in hospital.
Still 4 positive staff - soon to be recovered.

***APRIL 29
We are down to 1 positive resident in house and 1 in hospital.
Positive staff left at Haro Park are 4.

***APRIL 27
No changes since Friday.

***APRIL 24
40 recoveries and 4 positive residents -all other stats are the same.

***APRIL 23
We have had 39 residents recovered as of today, leaving 5 positives on the care floors.
We lost a resident today, bringing total deceased in the building to 11.
Staff had 3 more positive cases today, with a total of 8 positives.

***APRIL 22
2 residents were taken out of isolation and have recovered. Leaving us with 6 cases of COVID19 on the care floors.
We had 1 more staff test positive today and recoveries, leaving the remaining number of staff infected at 5.

***APRIL 21
No changes to the numbers today.

***APRIL 20
Over the weekend, we had 2 resident recoveries and 3 new positives, bringing us back to 8 positive residents.
As well, there were 2 new positive staff, bringing that total back up to 7.
Keep listening to Dr. Bonnie Henry.

***APRIL 17
1 new recovery today, bringing the total positive cases to 7 for the residents.
Staff is still at 5 positives.

***APRIL 16
One more resident was diagnosed positive today, as well as 1 recovery --- the positive number is still 8, with recoveries being 33.

***APRIL 15
Today's stats . . . number of residents recovered is now 32, with only 8 positives left in the building.
23 of the staff have recovered, leaving only 5 positive.

***APRIL 14
No changes to COVID19 cases today. We had one more resident recover and taken out of isolation today, bringing the total residents recovered to 25.

***APRIL 13
No changes today.

***APRIL 12
No changes today, all numbers are the same as yesterday.

***APRIL 11
2 more residents tested positive today, bringing the number up to 14.
All other stats are the same.

***APRIL 10
We lost another resident today who fought very hard from the beginning. Condolences to the family. Leaving us with 12 positive today. Total number of deceased from Covid19 are 10.
5 residents were swabbed yesterday and they all came back negative.
Staff numbers have not changed since yesterday.
Stay safe everyone.

***APRIL 09
Today Haro Park had 2 residents test positive for Covid19, bringing the total back up to 13.
Everything else remains the same as yesterdays stats.
As Dr. Bonnie Henry stated today, it is now mandatory that Care Aides and multi-employed workers are to work in one facility only. Haro Park put that into effect the early days after our first confirmed infection in mid-March.

***APRIL 08
We have 11 positive residents in the building (1diagnosed today), with 2 more recoveries, bringing total recoveries to 24
1 new positive with staff today with 17 recoveries, leaving also 11 staff positive.
Help keep us safe, stay home and keep distancing . . . even on the Easter long weekend - do not break protocol. Thank you.

*** APRIL 07
5 more residents have recovered, leaving 12 positive cases in the building.
Of 27 infected staff, 17 have recovered and returned to work.
Let's keep flattening those curves . . . and not get too complacent yet.

***APRIL 06
We are thankful to announce no change in numbers since Friday.
Let's all keep practicing social distancing and staying home.

***APRIL 03
We have had a fair amount of recoveries the last few days, with no new cases. There are 17 positive cases in the building, with 20 residents recovered or on the road to recovery.
Of the 25 infected staff, 13 have now recovered.
Sadly, we had one more COVID19 related death today, bringing the total number of deceased to 9.

***APRIL 02
Total positive cases in the building are at this moment, 37 positives, 8 of those are 10 days in and recovering.
2 deaths today, bringing the total deceased to 8.
Staff totals have increased by 3, bringing the total of infected staff to 25, with 8 recovered.

***APRIL 01
No new COVID19 cases at HPC today, sadly we had one more resident pass today, bringing the number of deceased to 6.

***MARCH 31
No new cases of COVID19 on any of the floors today, but sadly we have lost 1 more resident today, bringing the total of deaths to 5. Our deepest condolences.

***MARCH 30
27 positive cases on 1st floor. Sadly we had two deaths over the weekend that were Covid related. We have since moved down 1 positive resident from 2nd floor down to 1st floor and 1 more on amber tested positive
2nd floor (Buttercup Lane) had 5 positives (1 moved down to Amber Lane)
3rd floor (Crystal Lane) 4 positives, no new cases.
4th floor (Dockside Lane) 2 positives, no new cases.
We have lost 4 residents with deaths related to the COVID19 Virus. Our condolences to the all their loved ones. RIP
Staff related cases have gone to 22, with still 8 recovered.

***MARCH 27
1 new case on 1st floor (Amber Lane) today, bringing the total positive cases to 27.
2nd floor (Buttercup Lane) is confirmed with 3 new cases. These residents are in isolation.
3rd floor (Crystal Lane) now has 4 confirmed positives. These residents are in isolation.
4th floor remains the same with 2 cases, both in isolation.
Staff numbers increased by 1 today, bringing the total infected to 21 with 8 recovered

***MARCH 26
Today, 1st floor (Amber Lane) remains the same at 26 positives
2nd floor (Buttercup Lane) remains clear with zero cases.
3rd floor (Crystal Lane) has no new cases since yesterday, still with 2.
4th floor (Dockside Lane) now has 2 confirmed cases.
Positive cases for staff is confirmed at 20 with 8 of them recovered.

*** MARCH 25
26 confirmed cased today on 1st floor (Amber Lane)
We had 1 case yesterday on 2nd floor (Buttercup Lane) but have since moved the positive resident down to the 1st floor - so as of today there are no positive cases on the 2nd floor.
Still just the 2 confirmed cases on 3rd floor (Crystal Lane)
4th floor (Dockside Lane) is still clear, with zero cases.
The out pour of kindness in donations, flowers, cards, emails, phone calls and well wishes have been greatly received. Thank you.

*** MARCH 24 - 2020
As of today there are 14 residents positive on 1st floor (Amber Lane).
1 positive on 2nd floor (Buttercup Lane).
2 positive on 3rd floor (Crystal Lane)

*** MARCH 23 - 2020
10 residents on 1st floor (Amber Lane) have tested positive for COVID19 and 1 resident on the 3rd floor (Crystal Lane) has also tested positive for the virus. Testing is on-going to anyone showing symptoms. We ask for your patience, it may take extra time to respond to emails or phone calls.
For further information about COVID-19, please visit

A BIG THANK YOU to these local businesses and the Board of Directors for the food and other deliveries.
As well as all those that bring flowers and other donations to brighten our days during these unpredictable times.

~ Terence Lam from Thunderbolt Sign for plexiglass and signage inside Haro Park.
~ Rachel Ginter – Go Fund Me Campaign and online dance class to raise money for Haro Park Centre - $1,000 plus.
~ Mini sweet bread (Greek style) for all the staff by Sofia and church’s women’s auxiliary at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Philoptochos
~ UBC Geriatric Dentistry Program – donated toothpaste & Biotene samples
~ Avison Young (Real Estate) ~ ‘Go Fund Me Campaign’ #feedthefrontlinecanada ~ Pacific Poke – Staff meals
~ KN95 Masks donated by: Private donation, Hong Kong
~ M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi ‘School of Islamic Sufism’ – Vancouver centre. Handmade cards/gift bags by Islamic students for Nurses.
~ Myst - Asian Fusion - staff meals
~ Doy Chay – Saigon Vegetarian Restaurant
~ House Special – Modern Vietnamese Cuisine
~ A&W - Kerrisdale
~ Chambar Restaurant
~ I Love Chickpea – food truck
~ Kafka Café - Sandwiches
~ Reel Mac n’ Cheese - food truck
~ Pepino’s Spaghetti House
~ Lee’s Donuts
~ Tim Hortons – Coffee & Donuts
~ Triple O – food truck
~ OEB Breakfast Co.
~ Hanna - from the Go Fund Me Campaign
~ RSBA – Robson Street Business Association – arranged discounts and donations for workers with local businesses.
~ NASC (Netherland Association for Senior Care) for the outdoor plants for the gardens & patios & care floors.
~ Trevor Nuttall, Chief Solutions Officer from 10net group – Donated a video conference screen and surround sound for families to be in touch with loved ones.
~ 3M Canada Company – 4 x cases of N95 Masks.
~ ‘Collective Hospitality’ (Andrew Jameson/Founder) ‘The MacKenzie Room’ and ‘Say Mercy’ – Staff Meal Program – Meals for all staff.
~ Starbucks Canada – 250 rolls of , yes . . . toilet paper.
~ STC (Small Team Contributions) COVID19 RELIEF FOUNDATION - 400 KN95 respirator masks & 7 re-usable medical gowns
~ Yaletown Distilling – Hand sanitizer
~ Qmunity - Donated enough to the GoFundMe Campaign to feed Haro park. Vy's Pho Food. Thanks.

Haro Park Centre is a Campus of Care community in Vancouver, BC, which provides independent housing, assisted living and residential care (complex care), allowing elders the opportunity to age in place. As needs change, we are able to provide elders with the necessary care without moving them away from the home they have come to know and the relationships they have developed.