Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get into Haro Park Centre?

    Admissions to Haro Park are based on an assessment of the needs of the applicant relative to other applications and not on a first-come-first-served basis. Admittance to Haro Park is made by the Priority Access Office of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. (VCH) People with the greatest need/urgency for placement get admission priority.
  • What does it cost to live at Haro Park Centre?

    The rent you pay is determined by your taxable income at the time of your assessment. If you are unsure of your expected rate, please inquire with your VCH Case Manager. Rents are due on the first of each month and payable by either pre-authorized debit or post dated cheques. The rents are reviewed and determined by the Ministry of Health every three months. Rent receipts for income tax purposes may be picked up in February.
  • Will I have my own room?

    All rooms at Haro Park are single with a sink and vanity, most rooms have shared toilet facilities with one other person.
  • How do you address safety?

    Haro Park Centre is designed so elders are as safe as possible. We have a WatchMate System in place to prevent those that are at risk for wandering from accidentally leaving the building. Persons with severe dementia are accommodated in a secure neighbourhood with an outdoor patio and garden.
  • Furnishings - What can I bring?

    You are welcome to bring small furnishings such as an easy chair, TV with stand, radio, clock, pictures and other mementos. When bringing items in please take into consideration the size of the room. All electrical items are checked for safety by our maintenance department.
  • What about dietary requirements, likes & dislikes?

    The Director of Food Services meets with all new elders to discuss nutritional requirements and individual likes and dislikes. Our Food Committee meets monthly with the Director/Supervisor of Food Services to discuss the menu and any other food related issues.
  • May I have my meals in my room?

    We encourage the socialization that dining room service provides. Tray service is provided only when you are unable to come to the dining room.
  • May I invite a guest to join me for a meal?

    Guests are welcome at lunch and supper. Meal tickets for guests can be purchased from the front desk at a cost of $8.00, prior to the meal.
  • Where do I sit when having a meal?

    You will have an assigned table and meal time in the dining room.
  • May I keep food in my room?

    We encourage you not to keep food in your room due to safety reasons. Elders may have small, personal refrigerators in their rooms if there is someone who will agree to be responsible for the cleaning of the fridge.
  • Will I have assistance with bathing and dressing?

    Full assistance with dressing, bathing, and personal grooming is provided for those who require it.
  • What about medication?

    Medical Pharmacies Group dispenses all medications. Nurse on duty administers medication according to doctor’s order.
  • Smoking?

    In keeping with City of Vancouver by-laws, VCH policy, WorkSafeBC regulations, and provincial government legislation, smoking inside the building is not permitted. Our smoking policy is strictly enforced. There is no staff or visitor smoking allowed on the premises.
  • Is alcohol allowed?

  • When is my laundry done?

    All personal laundry is done regularly and will be picked up from your room and returned the next day. Dry-cleaning is the responsibility of the elder or their family.