Our Needs

Our current campaign is to raise $300,000.

We urgently require funds to ensure the safety and comfort of our residents. We are planning two major projects that require capital funding.

  • Our recent donation of $50,000 has focused our attention on the front garden area. We want to enclose our garden and create an enjoyable outdoor seating space. At the moment it is most frustrating to our residents for there is no access to outdoor space. In addition we want to update our system that rings whenever a resident wearing a special arm band walks by the front door. This is irritating for all and the alarm goes off constantly to ensure that residents who should not leave the building in fact don’t leave but the noise is most upsetting to our population. Our donor has challenged us to find funds to complete this project which we anticipate will cost another $100,000.
  • As many of you may know we are also having our domestic water system upgraded and we have new pipes throughout the building currently being installed. Recently during an inspection visit Vancouver Coastal informed us that our current handrail which is throughout the building is unsafe. This was not a surprise. To remove and replace the handrail will cost approximately $200,000. We would like to take advantage of the fact that construction crews are already on site and removal prior to painting would make logistical sense. We have 3200 feet of handrail. Please consider our campaign and donate $100 to enable us to purchase a foot of handrail.

    Purchase $100.- per Feet of Handrail

Program Needs:

Haro Park is fundraising for therapeutic programs such as Art, Music, Horticulture Therapy and associated activities. These programs are funded often through direct gifts from the community and stakeholders or through small fundraising events such at Art at the Park.  We welcome your donations / dedicated gifts for such programs as:

  • Art at the Park
  • Music at the Park
  • Horticulture at the Park
  • Community out-reach

Major Renovations – Haro’s Building Fund

Haro Park is over 30 years old and requires  some major renovations to address normal wear and tear as well as improvements that will enhance our seniors advanced health care needs.  At present we are seeking $2.5 million to modernize our facilities. Our Building Fund allows us to meet the capital needs and upgrade our facility, funding which is not covered by the government, health authority or BC Housing our major funders.  The following capital and building improvement initiatives are envisioned.

Haro Park is in the process of undertaking a longer term needs assessment for its senior and complex care in the West End. Indeed there may be a time where we could explore expansion of our facility or increase and diversify the care given to our residents and community through outreach programs into the West End.

Our Medium Term Capital Improvement Plans:

  • New emergency generators $500,000 COMPLETED
  • Upgrade our intensive care floors and equipment purchases $120,000 COMPLETED
  • Upgrade emergency generators $365,000 COMPLETED
  • Facility Upgrade $4.0 Million and incudes piping, HVAC replacement, green roof, sprinkler systems and related physical plant improvements
  • Dining Room and Nursing Area Upgrades $600,000
  • Dietary Equipment Upgrade Program $125,000
  • Resident Care Upgrade Program $500,000