Moving to Haro Park

Before Moving into Haro

Before moving into Haro Park Centre’s Assisted Living or Complex Care an assessment must first be done by a local Community Health Centre liaison.  Please check the Vancouver Coastal Health website for the prerequisites for care or supportive housing.

For Haro Park’s Subsidized Independent Housing (Independent Living) you must apply in person annually to keep your application current. There is a waitlist for Independent Housing. To review the application process visit the BC Housing website.  

For more tips, refer to Moving into Haro – Suggestions for Day Of , or contact us.

Some decisions to be made ahead of time

Decide which small pieces of furniture to bring and which clothes will be needed. When moving into Complex Care, you will not need items such as kitchen utensils.

Labeling: Before you come, have your hearing aide, glasses, dentures and equipment (walker, wheelchair, cane) professionally labeled. Haro Park Centre cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. Proper labeling ensures identification of ownership of items.
Haro Park will do all labeling for a one time fee.

Meals: Haro Park's kitchen serves 3 meals a day and 2 daily snacks with tea and coffee. Friends and family are always welcome to join you for meals for a nominal cost. Meal tickets for friends and family can be purchased at the main reception desk.

Moving Out: When leaving or moving from our Campus, all belongings must be removed. Donations of clothing and/or medical equipment are not accepted.